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Oliver Street

Department: Dietetics

Position: Lead Specialist Eating Disorders Dietitian

Oliver Street, a leading eating disorders specialist dietitian, has led Ellern Mede’s Nutrition and Dietetics service since 2012, working closely with the multidisciplinary team (MDT) and with individual patients. He is registered with the British Dietetic Association.

Oliver studied human nutrition and dietetics at the University of Chester. After graduating he specialised as a Dietitian working in child and adolescent mental health. He has worked with both NHS and private eating disorders wards.

He has provided safe and effective dietetic care to people with a wide range of diagnoses including Anorexia Nervosa, Emerging Personality Disorder, Conduct disorders, Pervasive Arousal Withdrawal Syndrome and Autism.

There are many aspects to leading a Dietetics Service in an eating disorder hospital. The dietitian’s job is to support and guide patients and their families in planning a balanced diet. Each patient sees the dietitian weekly or more as required. A weekly menu plan is agreed that is specific to each patient.

Oliver and his dietetic team also liaise with community teams and other agencies involved in a patients care.

Oliver’s work includes:

  • Reporting and documenting dietetic care plans and recommendations for patients
  • Regular one to one Dietetic consultations with patient to help increase confidence with eating, drinking and weight management.
  • Supervision for parents.
  • Dietetic weekly ward round meetings
  • Group workshops, and social eating activities to promote normal eating
  • Diet, nutrition and lifestyle education and training for staff
  • Support the nursing team with mealtime management on wards
  • Nasogastric feeding plans and protocols successful in helping patients to adopt normal diets.
  • Nutritional supplement feeding plans prescribed to severely malnourished patients who are at too high a risk of re-feeding syndrome to be prescribed normal food and fluids

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Oliver Street

Department: Dietetics

Position: Lead Specialist Eating Disorders Dietitian