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Eating Disorders Specialists

Ellern Mede values people. We employ many specialists in their respective fields and train continuously in the unique Ellern Mede approach to treating young people with eating disorders. Our multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) work closely together. They are supported by skilled nurses and healthcare assistants as well as many related specialists in administration and management. Separately, our young people receive an Ofsted outstanding education from our hospital schools.

Ellern Mede’s focus has always been on young people with a primary diagnosis of eating disorder. We also specialise in treating all the associated conditions that each patient may have alongside that diagnosis.

We have an excellent record of helping patients achieve a better quality of life.


Dr Hind Al-Khairulla

Dr Hind Al Khairulla –
Medical Director, Ellern Mede Group

Nancy Maicoo

Nancy Maicoo –
Clinical Operations Director, Ellern Mede Group

Peter Curtis

Peter Curtis –
Non-Executive Director, Ellern Mede Group

Alan Malin

Alan Malin –
HR and Special Projects Director, Ellern Mede Group

Yetunde Agunbiade –
Manager, Ellern Mede Barnet

Elizabeth Haslam –
Manager, Ellern Mede Derby

Steve Cross

Steve Cross –
Head of Patient Safety and Safeguarding

Janice Coleman

Janice Coleman –
Clinical Services Manager, Ellern Mede Ridgeway

James Harrison

James Harrison –
Hospital Manager, Ellern Mede Moorgate

Consultant Psychiatrists

Dr Hind Al-Khairulla

Dr Hind Al Khairulla –
Medical Director, Ellern Mede Group

Dr Mustafa Syed

Dr Mustafa Syed –
Consultant Psychiatrist, Ellern Mede Moorgate

Dr Kiran Chitale

Dr Kiran Chitale –
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Ellern Mede Community Services

Dr Shaza Elfaki

Dr Shaza Elfaki –
Psychiatrist, Ellern Mede Barnet

Dr Jotham Chihanja

Dr Jotham Chihanja –
Associate Psychiatrist, Ellern Mede Moorgate

Dr Ayodeji Morah

Dr Ayodeji Morah –
Psychiatrist, Ellern Mede Ridgeway

Dr Minna Raikkonen –
Psychiatrist, Ellern Mede Barnet

Dr Gary Wannan

Dr Gary Wannan –
Consultant Psychiatrist, Ellern Mede Ridgeway

Specialty Doctors

Gianni Ramdial

Gianni Ramdial –
Ellern Mede Derby

Christianna Ramsundar

Dr Christianna Ramsundar –
Specialty Doctor

Dr Matthew Maicoo –
Resident Medical Officer, Ellern Mede Derby


Dr Lucy Redstone, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Lucy Redstone –
Clinical Psychologist

David Viljoen

David Viljoen –
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Jenny Nicholson

Dr Jenny Nicholson –
Clinical Psychologist, Ellern Mede Moorgate


Dr Teresa Pires –
Clinical Psychologist

Ezgi Killinc

Ezgi Killinc –
Assistant Psychologist

Charoula Chatzifotiou

Charoula Chatzifotiou –
Assistant Psychologist

Dietetics Team

Paula Hoyle –
Dietetic Assistant

Olivia Harrison

Olivia Harrison –
Specialist Eating Disorder Dietitian

Oliver Street

Oliver Street –
Lead Specialist Eating Disorders Dietitian, Ellern Mede Group

aiste dransekaite

Aiste Dransekaite –
Dietitian, Ellern Mede Barnet

Ioanna Maniati

Ioanna Maniati –
Specialist Eating Disorders Dietitian, Ellern Mede Ridgeway

Neil Agao

Neil Agao –
Dietetics Assistant, Ellern Mede Ridgeway and Barnet

Family Therapists

Dr colette richardson

Dr Colette Richardson –
Family Therapist, Ellern Mede Ridgeway

nina gotua

Nina Gotua –
Systemic Family Therapist, Ellern Mede Ridgeway

Social Workers

Vikki Collar

Vikki Collar –
Senior Social Worker, Ellern Mede Barnet and Ridgeway

Fiza Raza

Fiza Raza –
Social Worker, Ellern Mede Barnet

Mshinda Kyere

Mshinda Kyere –
Social Work Apprentice

Support Team

Daisy Armstrong –
Mental Health Act Officer & Lead Medical Secretary

Chauntell Persaud-Worrell –
Marketing Officer

Humaira Khalid

Humaira Khalid –
HR Manager

Richard Wormwell

Richard Wormwell –
Group Recruitment Manager

Aanika Patel

Aanika Patel –
Admissions and Referrals Manager

Alexandra Scarlatt

Alexandra Scarlatt –
Mental Health Act Administrator

Binti Abukar

Binti Abukar –
Clinical Support and Compliance Assistant

Ian Welham

Ian Welham –
IT Project Manager

Lancelot Payne

Lancelot Payne –
IT Support, Ellern Mede Group


Jerry Aiguobaruerighian

Jerry Aiguobarueghian –
Ward Manager, Ellern Mede Barnet

Maria Walters

Maria Walters –
Nurse and Ward Manager, Ellern Mede Derby

Tom Gill

Tom Gill –

tania olaleye

Tania Olaleye –
Nurse and Ward Manager, Ellern Mede Ridgeway

Rhita Nakasinde

Rhita Nakasinde –
Senior Nurse

Rachel Bailey

Rachel Bailey –

Rachel Stephenson

Rachel Stephenson –

Monisola Adeleke

Monisola Adeleke –

Kylla Barnes

Kylla Barnes –

Kelly Wilson

Kelly Wilson –

Jonathan Spencer

Jonathan Spencer –
Nurse, Ellern Mede Barnet

Jonathon Salter

Jonathon Salter –
Nurse and Trainer

Demi Hume

Demi Hume –