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Eating Disorders Specialists

Ellern Mede’s specialist team is made up of Consultant Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Family Therapists, Dieticians, Activity Coordinators, Nurses, Social Workers, Occupational Therapist and specialist Healthcare Assistants. By solely treating patients who have a primary diagnosis of eating disorder we achieve the best results through our highly specialised and experienced team. Of course we treat the many other conditions that often accompany an eating disorder as well. We have an excellent record of helping patients achieve a better quality of life.


Peter Curtis image

Peter Curtis –
Managing Director

Dr Hind

Dr Hind Al Khairulla –
Medical Director

Nancy Maicoo

Nancy Maicoo –
Clinical Operations Director

Alan Malin - Operations Director –
Operations Director

Neil West picture

Neil West –
Patient Safety, Experience and Engagement Lead

Yetty Agunbiade

Yetunde Agunbiade –
Clinical Services Manager: Ellern Mede Ridgeway

Steve Cross picture

Steve Cross –
Clinical Services Manager: Ellern Mede Barnet

Sharon Donaldson Service Director North Region –
Service Director: North Region

Support Team

Susan Ramwell

Susan Ramwell - Marketing Manager –
Marketing Manager

Lee Strachan

Lee Strachan - IT Manager –
IT Manager

Ian Welham

Ian Welham –
IT Consultant


Dr Hind

Dr Hind Al Khairulla –
Medical Director

Dr Kiran Chitale image

Dr Kiran Chitale –
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Benson Abounu

Dr Benson Abounu –
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dan Shears picture

Daniel Shears –
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Jotham Chihanja –
Associate Psychiatrist

Clinical and Therapeutic Team

Consultant Clinical Psychologist –
Clinical Psychologist

Ezgi Killinc picture

Ezgi Killinc –
Assistant Psychologist

Lesley Kollikho –
Integrative Psychotherapist

James Harrison

James Harrison –
Lead Autism Nurse

Oliver Street

Oliver Street –
Lead Specialist Eating Disorders Dietitian


Evelyn Kemah –
Senior Social Worker

vikki collar

Vikki Collar –
Senior Social Worker

Collette West picture

Collette West –

Beth Francois

Beth Francois - Dietitian –

aiste dranssekaite picture

Aiste Dransekaite –
Specialist Eating Disorders Dietitian

Nina Gotua

Nina Gotua –
Specialist Systemic Family Therapist

Colette Richardson

Dr Colette Richardson –
Family Therapist

Specialty Doctors

Dr Carina Sieusankar –
Specialist Doctor