Simon's Story

Simon* was very young when doctors discovered he had an eating disorder. For several months he had to fight for his life. He won that battle and is now achieving in key areas of life like education, sport and career plans. (*Name changed for confidentiality).

“I was 11 years old when my family and doctors became aware that I was desperately ill with an eating disorder.

“My body was going downhill at a rapid pace. I was unable to eat or drink because I didn’t want to upset the voice in my head which had such a firm grip on me.  I had stopped everything that I loved doing including my competition swimming and going to school. When I first arrived at Ellern Mede I was very scared. I was observed by the nurses constantly.

“But as time went on I began to realise how patient and caring the nurses were and how this illness had such a detrimental effect, not only for me but also my family. The voice began to dissolve to a point where it was no longer a struggle for me to eat and drink. It took months for me to recover. But after treatment, I was back to being myself again.

“That was five years ago. Now I’m back to swimming in competitions. I have also just obtained 8 GCSE’s, which is a shock to me as a few years ago I thought that I’d never be able to attend school again. I am in college doing a Health and Social Care Course.  I hope to go on to university to become a psychiatric nurse.

“If you are trapped in that dark place, please seek help and believe it is never too late. Choose life.”

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