Making a referral

Ellern Mede works in partnership with the NHS, CCGs and Local Authorities nationally for public funded services  NHS funded patients only come to Ellern Mede via NHS commissioning teams. We also take private referrals in to our services. The Ellern Mede Referral Co-ordination team can offer more information about specialist eating disorder services.  We treat children, young people aged 8 – 18 years and young adults up to 25 years, who are transitioning from CAMHS services to an adult service, into the community or back home.

Private services for families and patients

We understand that seeking private treatment can be challenging. Evidence shows the earlier a person receives treatment for an eating disorder the better the chance of that treatment being effective. We will treat your enquiry in the strictest confidence. Please let us support you. Please call Susan Ramwell on 0203 209 7900 ext 227 who will guide you through the enquiry or referral process.

NHS services referred by health professionals

Ellern Mede’s outstanding care and treatment track record gives you a sound clinical base on which to recommend or refer patients to one of our treatment programmes. Please speak to Aanika Patel who will be happy to guide you through the enquiry or referral process at 0203 209 7900.ext 223 from 11am weekdays, or for Ellern Mede Ridgeway, Nancy Maicoo, Registered Manager on ext 241 or for Ellern Mede Barnet, to Rachael Jackson at 0208 906 6900 ext 425.

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The private referrals process

After submitting an enquiry you will receive an initial call or email to discuss your needs, payment options, prices and service options that might suit you. If you agree to book treatment you should send us medical information such as a GP or specialist’s letter if that is possible, for a clinician to review this information prior to booking an initial appointment. Your private GP or specialist may also make the enquiry or referral on the patient’s behalf. We can offer both Outpatient and Inpatient services across a number of sites and clinics. We aim to provide outpatient appointments within two weeks. Inpatient services may be subject to a waiting list, As an independent provider, we are able to take patients from anywhere in the UK as well as from other countries.

NHS or public funded referrals

Ellern Mede offers eating disorder services to patients referred by NHS England specialised commissioning teams as well as national NHS commissioners, local authorities and clinical commissioning groups. We also offer services to public funded health bodies in  Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as channel islands such as Jersey, Isle of Wight and Guernsey. Admissions are subject to funding agreement, clinical assessment and suitable bed or treatment programme availability. The process begins with a specialist referral from the NHS organisation(s) concerned which usually involves a GP, a commissioning specialist professional, a case manager and a funding organisation. Public funded patients are always referred by their professional team.

How enquiries or referrals are assessed

Potential admissions to treatment are reviewed initially by the referrals team and then by Ellern Mede Consultant Psychiatrists. An initial assessment appointment is then scheduled with the patient and appropriate others. The service type best suited to the patient and the availability of beds will be discussed. If a bed is not available patients may go on the waiting list.

Inpatient admission and treatment

Upon admission and during the treatment programme or hospital stay, the patient’s Care Plan is regularly reviewed. Inpatient care plans are reviewed in terms of the Care Programme Approach. Inpatients’ care is discussed weekly through MDT meetings where patient, family, school and case management feedback is reviewed.

“Ellern Mede’s leading expertise in eating disorders treatment is available faster because we have both NHS and Private patient beds. It is never too early to seek treatment and fast action is the best predictor of positive health outcomes. An assessment is only a call away so please call our enquiry team on 0203 209 7900.”

Dr Hind Al-Khairulla, Clinical Director

Children and Adolescent inpatient and outpatient admissions

On admission to whichever treatment programme or ward is considered suitable, each young person is given a medical and psychiatric assessment. Newly admitted inpatients receive close observation to support them settling in. Care Plans are assessed weekly by the full multidisciplinary team and reports given to parents / funders / commissioners.

Adult admissions

We offer a short-term admission focusing on ‘symptom interruption’ for adult patients with eating disorders as part of a comprehensive treatment programme that is flexible but defined and structured with elements of day service or outpatient treatment as suits the individual. At the outset of treatment and throughout the programme regular review is made of medical, psychological and psychiatric progress.

Admitting families to family-therapy based interventions

Where the family-therapy based treatment programme has been accepted, the family and the patient concerned are required to commit time to a flexible but defined and structured appointment schedule as agreed around their other commitments. This will usually require at least some time off work or re-scheduling of usual routines.