Making a referral

Ellern Mede works in partnership with the NHS, CCGs and Local Authorities nationally for public funded services  NHS funded patients only come to Ellern Mede because they have been referred by NHS commissioning teams. We also accept private referrals in to our services.

Private services for families and patients

Evidence shows the earlier a person receives treatment for an eating disorder the better the chance of that treatment being effective. We will treat your enquiry in the strictest confidence. Please let us support you by calling 020 3209 7900 ext 227.

NHS services referred by health professionals

Ellern Mede’s Services offer an outcome based treatment service, to which, healthcare professionals can refer patients. Aanika Patel is our Referrals and Admissions Coordinator who receives and manages all NHS referrals.  Aanika can be contacted on 020 3209 7900.ext 223 from 11.00am weekdays.

Refer yourself

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Make a private enquiry

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Make an NHS referral

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The private referrals process
Following an enquiry, either by phone or via the website, we will contact you to discuss your options further. If you choose to come and see a Consultant Psychiatrist for an assessment, we will require your GP details and a referral letter in order to review your information prior to booking an initial appointment.  Your GP or specialist may also make the enquiry or referral on the patient’s behalf. We can arrange outpatient and inpatient services across our hospitals and consulting rooms.  As an independent provider, we are able to off treatment for children and young people from across the UK and beyond.

NHS or public funded referrals
Ellern Mede offers eating disorder services to children and young people who are referred by NHS England, Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups across the UK.  We also offer services to public funded health bodies in Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as the Channel Islands. Admissions are subject to funding agreement, clinical assessment and suitable bed or treatment programme availability. The process begins with a specialist referral from the NHS or other public funded body.

Admission and Treatment
Potential admissions are reviewed initially by the referrals team, where bed availability is discussed. Ellern Mede Consultant Psychiatrists. will then review the referral clinically.  We have an active waiting list which is based on clinical need and acuity, rather than on a first come, first served basis.

“Ellern Mede’s leading expertise in eating disorders treatment is available faster because we have both NHS and Private patient beds. It is never too early to seek treatment and fast action is the best predictor of positive health outcomes. An assessment is only a call away so please call our enquiry team on 020 3209 7900.”

Dr Hind Al-Khairulla, Clinical Director