When you think of ‘Ellern Mede’ you think of a kind and caring place focused on children with eating disorders. You may wonder very specifically about the particular Ellern Mede hospital your child has been admitted to. Yes, they may have some particular aspects to service and location that are unique to them, but be assured that their clinical approach is the tried and tested treatment led by our Medical Director, Dr Hind Al Khairulla and that has been our success since 2000.

We do innovate, and we do learn from lessons. Innovation, When our experts develop those little nuggets of perfection, we share them and build them into our Group Policies, e-learning and training workshops..

Ellern Mede is a brand. NHS commissioners, parents, patients who hear about us recognise that Ellern Mede has more than a decade of history, an international reputation forged by close to a thousand patient recoveries and clinical renown among leading eating disorders experts. Patients and Case Managers want to know that, whichever hospital the patient goes to in our group, they will be receiving the same excellence, perhaps new ideas, but ALL always rooted’ and reflecting the expertise that has long set us apart.

It may be hard to articulate what makes us different, but some of our patients have done so – “the staff really care about me as an individual”; and there is Dr Hind’s commitment: “We never give up”. Some patients, with what is perceived as chronicity in an eating disorder, face a closed door and may be relegated back to home care. We are always here to help – and we are bringing more inpatient beds for young people on stream in the UK. Our new hospitals are fresh green shoots from our original tree and we are stronger together, to deliver the care you need.