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Inpatient services

Ellern Mede is an internationally renowned specialist inpatient treatment service for children and young adults with eating disorders. We have three inpatient hospitals providing treatment for eating disorder cases that range from moderate to those requiring high dependency intensive treatment. All patients achieve at least some measure of recovery and many make a full recovery.

The intensive programme provides inpatient treatment for patients with highly complex, challenging or chronic conditions.  This includes those who are resistant to treatment, severely medically compromised and have a history of self-harm. Treatment is focused on family participation where possible, including skills-based family therapy and knowledge about how best to offer the patient meal support at home.

Who we treat

We treat children and young adults diagnosed with an eating disorder who may, or may not be detained under the Mental Health Act.  We can also support patients who have a physical disability.  Both Ellern Mede Barnet in London, and Ellern Mede Moorgate in Rotherham, have dedicated wards to support young adults aged 18 – 25 years transitioning from CAMHS to adult services or back into the community. All our hospitals, including Ellern Mede Ridgeway, Barnet and Moorgate specialise in treating children aged 8 to 18.

Post-discharge support

All treatment programmes feature transitional and post-discharge support to prepare people for managing life back in the community. We offer a full care pathway for eating disorder patients following their discharge ranging from Outpatient to Day Care and support for patient families.

Treatment locations:


Ellern Mede Moorgate

Ellern Mede Moorgate

Inpatient hospital in Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Services for Children and Young Adults

Ellern Mede Ridgeway

Inpatient hospital in Mill Hill London

Services for children aged 8 to 18

Ellern Mede Barnet

Inpatient hospital in Barnet, London

Services for children and young adults

We see patients develop the confidence to face challenges that previously seemed insurmountable. We give the patient as much time as they need to grow stronger at their own pace. There is a cohort of eating disorder patients for whom inpatient care is vital.

Dr Hind Al-Khairulla, Clinical Director


Our Referrals Team will be happy to make appointments for you at the most appropriate service for you.

Exceptional Results

As a team of experts dedicated to the treatment of eating disorders we have extensive experience and knowledge in helping our patients and their families to understand and manage their illness and learn to overcome it. We understand the difficulty facing families and patients in seeking urgent, personalised treatment. Self-paying patients can contact our service even without a formal GP referral.

Our philosophy of care

Our team understand that it is the Eating Disorder that is difficult and challenging, not the patient. Our goal is to help the patient to develop trust in the team and their family, and to use these relationships as resources for the young person to grow in confidence to challenge the illness and regain their pre-illness relationships and life skills. Our inpatient environments are friendly, informal and yet structured enough to help the young person or adult to feel safe and to develop self-control. We value the individual as part of their larger family and social structure.

Dr Hind Al-Khairulla, Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director explains: “Our therapists help people to see that the Eating Disorder is not part of their identity. We support the person to take control of their disorder. When they know they have the support of a strong group of understanding and expert clinicians as well as their family and friends, this gives them the confidence to face challenges which previously seemed insurmountable.”