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Outpatient Services are currently online only and are only helpful for low risk conditions. You will need to remain under the care of a GP while engaging in this service.

Why Ellern Mede? Ellern Mede’s unique advantage is our Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) approach which combines Dietetic Support with Psychology and Psychiatry as well as Family Therapy to give you the best chance of recovery. At this time however, we are only offering all therapies online and this is only suitable if you are not a high risk patient.

If you or your loved one thinks that disordered eating has become an Eating Disorder, please see your GP right away. We can see you at Ellern Mede as soon as your GP has helped you with a number of things:

  1. A full consultation involving weight, height, vital signs and full count blood tests.
  2. Filled in this Ellern Mede referral form which has all the information that we need to assess if you are appropriate for Outpatient Treatment.
  3. The GP may also find it useful to think in terms of our Risk Assessment Form.

Prior to seeing your doctor, and to help you know what to ask for, please read these:

  1. BEAT GP Leaflet
  2. Junior MARSIPAN Summary

Our affordable private outpatient services are for children to age 18, young adults up to age 25, with specialist support for families and carers. We offer Psychiatry, Psychology, Family Therapy, Dietetics, and Nursing.

Payment can be self-funded or through medical insurance.

Outpatient care is ideal for stepping down, from intensive treatment, or stepping up from other outpatient treatment that has not been effective. If you have a BMI of under 15, (although BMI is NOT the most important part of an ED diagnosis), it is likely we will find that you should be within a more intensive programme than we can offer in Sessional Outpatients, in which case we will signpost you to a more intensive service such as is available in NHS Day Patient or Inpatient services. We cannot admit to Outpatients without a GP Referral, Blood Tests and a Risk Assessment conducted by your GP.

Too ill for outpatient treatment?

If you are medically at risk and have been ill for a long time without effective treatment, talk to your current treatment team about an NHS-funded inpatient service. Your NHS team may be able to refer you. Private inpatient treatment is seldom available without a waiting list and we recommend NHS services as your best option if you need an inpatient stay.

About Ellern Mede’s Outpatient Services

The Ellern Mede outpatient service provides therapeutic assessment and treatment of eating disorders. Over six to ten weeks or longer, you will receive focused multi-dimensional input for young people and their families. During this time when social distancing is essential, we offer online psycho-education, psychiatric and psychological online therapies and dietetic advice with meal plans. When face to face consultation is once again possible we will continue to offer this in the form of specialist therapeutic NICE-concordant and evidence-based care, including Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Kiran Chitale’s RESPECT-ME model.

If you are already in NHS treatment, please ask your treatment team before applying for private treatment as you can only have one Responsible Clinician. Although a body mass index is not the most important indicator in an eating disorder, a BMI of under 15 will generally mean that you need the most intensive NHS treatment available to you and we may assess that you are too high-risk to be safely cared for with online therapy.

Our outpatient treatments are suitable for children up to age 18 and young adults between 18 and 25 who are in need of psychological, psychiatric and dietetic help either at the earliest stages of an eating disorder or perhaps for follow up at the end of a recovery journey. Unfortunately, if you are very ill, then our Outpatient service is not able to assist you.

We require clinical information from your NHS or Private GP or other professional, with blood tests and a medical risk assessment prior to agreeing to your first appointment. We can see you rapidly, but only once we have all this information.

We will rely on your GP for physical monitoring throughout your online Outpatient Treatment Plan. As we are unable to provide crisis or emergency care, we would recommend that you know which hospital Accident and  Emergency you should attend, should the need arise.

Day Patient Services are sometimes able to be offered, as well as Group Work. During Covid-19 this has had to be suspended as these services are based within our Eating Disorder Inpatient Hospitals. We do hope to be able to offer these again once the pandemic is well and truly over.

We can provide therapies such as Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Integrative Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Dietetic input, Psycho-education and Motivational Enhancement Therapy. Meal Support and Meal Plans are provided as well.

The team are often called the Multi-Disciplinary Team or MDT, and the team is led by the Ellern Mede Psychiatrist. Every programme is tailored for your needs.

What reasons could there be for not being accepted for an Outpatient Eating Disorder Programme?

If you are so physically affected by an eating disorder that you need urgent care of the type only possible as an Inpatient, we will be unable to offer an Outpatient Eating Disorder Programme. This is the reason for our risk assessment prior to accepting your case.

If an Ellern Mede consultant psychiatrist believes you are ‘red’ in a Junior or Adult MARSIPAN assessment, they will advise you that you need more intensive care and will signpost you to an NHS crisis pathway.

Why can’t I be fast-accessed to an Ellern Mede inpatient bed?

Ellern Mede does not accept emergency admissions. There is always a waiting list for Ellern Mede inpatient beds. If you need an inpatient bed immediately, it is important that you take up that treatment in whatever hospital you are offered by the NHS as soon as possible. We do not recommend private inpatient stays for eating disorders because of the length of typical treatment and the expense. Medical insurance may sometimes agree to short term care, but this almost never fully covers the cost of a full inpatient episode. Ellern Mede has a limited number of inpatient beds in comparison to the NHS. There is always a waiting list for Ellern Mede inpatient beds, whether the case is through the NHS or through private funding.

How do I contact you to make an Outpatient enquiry?

Please fill in the private referral enquiry form on our website. We can only accept enquiries via the website at this time.


“Getting specialist diagnosis early improves recovery. Outpatient service is the best way to achieve an early diagnosis and preventative treatment.”

Dr Hind Al Khairulla

NHS referrals

Ellern Mede has provided specialist Tier 4 eating disorder services to the NHS since 2000. We respond to referrals within 24 hours.

Private referrals

Call now for immediate access to Ellern Mede specialist private eating disorder services. Accepted referrals begin treatment within two weeks or faster in emergencies.