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​Ellern Mede Outpatient Services offers the best multi-disciplinary treatment for people with mild to moderate eating disorder conditions. We offer the most flexible session times to suit you. We care for patients aged 12 to 25, with options including sessions, in-home support, and day treatment. Every treatment programme is individualised. We employ the UK’s best eating disorder specialists in fields of Psychiatry, Psychology, Dietetics, Family Based Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy and Meal Support. We give you the best chance of recovery and management of your symptoms. You will feel accepted, supported and understood.

Patients must be under the care of either a private or NHS GP who will agree to provide additional physical monitoring of your health during your eating disorder treatment programme.

Ellern Mede is a recognised provider by insurers Bupa, Axa, Vitality, Aviva. Please do check what your medical insurance policy will cover. We can accept self-paying patients. Whilst you may self-refer, please also ask your GP or previous NHS team to write to us with your medical details to [email protected] 

  • Eating Disorders
  • Read about RCPsych guidance
  • Extract from a recent letter from a parent to Dr Kiran Chitale:

    “When I felt down and hopeless you made me feel much stronger and positive and I know my daughter felt the same. There were times I felt guilty, emotionally drained. Your words of kindness, support, compassion, knowledge all gave me hope. You have taught us both things we will remember forever. You gave me the support to help my daughter. It didn’t just change her life but saved her life! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

If you, or your loved one, think that difficulties with eating could be an Eating Disorder, please see your GP right away. Your GP can refer you to an appropriate service. Ellern Mede Outpatient Service considers applications based on GP-supplied medical assessments including blood tests.

Our Triage prior to appointment booking will require a report from a clinician or GP which will need to include:

  • vital signs, patient weight, height and age
  • full count blood tests taken the week you are being referred
  • Ellern Mede referral form which MUST accurately reflect that patient case is not an immediate risk
  • View from professional that patient is NOT red on either the Junior or Adult MARSIPAN scale or RCPsych’s MEED guidance, whichever the professional is using.
  • Prior to seeing your doctor, and to help you know what to ask for, you may find it useful to download and read these documents
  • RCPsych MEED guidance
  • BEAT GP Leaflet
  • Junior MARSIPAN Summary

Admission Criteria

Our online Outpatient Service is for people aged 12 to 25. Every outpatient admission follows our triage and admission process. Payment can be self-funded or through medical insurance. Our multi-therapeutic assessment comes with a full report and recommendations for your individualised treatment. If you do not wish to proceed, we will give you helpful advice.

BMI is NOT the most important part of an ED diagnosis however do please note that if you have a BMI of under 15, you probably need a more intensive programme than Ellern Mede Outpatients can offer. We often recommend you remain with an NHS CAMHS or Adult Community Service as a first priority. If you still wish to proceed, please discuss this with your previous treatment team. We do collaborate with your other providers when this is advisable.

What to expect

Over ten weeks or longer, you will receive focused individualised clinician to client / client family input.  We offer online and face to face treatments. Our specialist therapeutic care is NICE-concordant and evidence-based.

We will rely on your GP or other medical professional for physical monitoring throughout any Outpatient Treatment Plan. Your local Accident and  Emergency is your best first contact in any medical or mental health crisis.


Why do I need my GP to arrange blood tests and a physical examination before I apply for Outpatient treatment?

We are a specialist psychiatry-led service. If you are with us as an Outpatient, you should rely on your usual primary care provider to be available for emergencies that might arise. Your most up to date full medical information is important for us to know about iso we can continuously risk assess and support you throughout your treatment. Blood Tests show us exactly what physical effect your eating disorder is having on your body. Physical stabilisation is essential before psychological and psychiatric interventions can be of help to you. You also depend on the country’s Emergency Services as eating disorders are serious illnesses. You may at times be taken ill very suddenly. Our outpatient service is unable to provide emergency care. It is best for our team to establish that link with your GP at the outset.

What reasons could there be for not being accepted for an Outpatient Eating Disorder Programme?

You may urgently need more intensive care than can be provided in an outpatient setting. If you are so physically affected by an eating disorder that you need urgent care of the type only possible as an Inpatient, we will be unable to offer an Outpatient Eating Disorder Programme. This is the reason for our risk assessment prior to accepting your case. If an Ellern Mede consultant psychiatrist believes you are ‘red’ in a Junior or Adult MARSIPAN assessment, they will advise you that you need more intensive care and will signpost you to an NHS crisis pathway.

Why can’t I be fast accessed to an Ellern Mede inpatient bed?

Ellern Mede does not accept emergency admissions. There is always a waiting list for Ellern Mede inpatient beds. If you need an inpatient bed immediately, it is important that you take up that treatment in whatever hospital you are offered as soon as possible. While inpatient treatment is essential in certain cases, its length of stay and cost is one best provided by the NHS in the UK. Ellern Mede does receive referrals from the NHS. Medical insurance may sometimes agree to short term care, but this almost never fully covers the cost of a full inpatient episode. Ellern Mede has a limited number of inpatient beds in comparison to the NHS. There is always a waiting list for Ellern Mede inpatient beds, whether the case is through the NHS or through private funding.

How do I contact you to make an Outpatient enquiry?

Please fill in the private referral enquiry form on our website or call our Outpatients Line on 07583 669226.

If you are medically at risk and have been ill for a long time without effective treatment, please talk to your current treatment team about an NHS-funded inpatient service. Your NHS team may be able to refer you. Private inpatient treatment is seldom available without a waiting list and we recommend NHS-funded services as your best inpatient option.

“Getting specialist diagnosis early improves recovery. Outpatient service is the best way to achieve an early diagnosis and preventative treatment.” Dr Hind Al-Khairulla

NHS referrals

Ellern Mede has provided specialist Tier 4 eating disorder services to the NHS since 2000.

Private referrals

Call now for immediate access to Ellern Mede specialist private eating disorder services.