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At Ellern Mede in London you will find a highly specialist environment for treatment of patients with eating disorders. We offer safe care and treatment for eating disorders in the most nurturing of environments. We also provide superb continuity of education where required through an OFSTED rated “Outstanding” school. Patients, families, GPs, healthcare professionals and NHS commissioners are all very welcome to talk to us directly. Call us confidentially on 020 3209 7900 and ask for Private or NHS Referrals. Our friendly team will explain how you can access our service. We offer a full care pathway for eating disorders.

NHS referrals

Ellern Mede has provided specialist Tier 4 eating disorder services to the NHS since 2000. We respond promptly to all enquiries. Contact us now.

Private enquiries or referrals

Call now for immediate access to Ellern Mede specialist private eating disorder services. We will respond within 24 hours. We can offer treatment within two weeks or faster in emergencies.

Winning in understanding for eating disorders

Time to Change Campaign reports that the latest results from its National Attitudes to Mental Illness Survey, released on 26 June 2017 shows people’s willingness to work, live and continue a relationship with someone with a mental health ...
26 June 2017
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A patient’s story of a rare illness little understood but one that Ellern Mede specialises in - PAWS

My name’s Hollie and for the last three and a half years I’ve been suffering from Pervasive Arousal Withdrawal Syndrome. For me, it started with worsening depression and anxiety; which led to frequent meltdowns and the inability ...
14 June 2017
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Hi! It’s Charlotte. I just wanted to let everyone at Ellern Mede know how I am doing and where I am now in my life. Since I visited you last so much has changed, and I still can’t believe where I am today. I can’t thank you all eno ...
12 January 2017
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Case Manager

Thank you Ellern Mede for all of the communication about patient progress. We don’t often get this from inpatient units and it really does make a difference to the local team having regular updates. ...
13 January 2017
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Ellern Mede specialists in eating disorders treatment

We will safely support you to improve your quality of life and to challenge the negative impact of an eating disorder.



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Please get in touch with our team who can give you further information or advice on 0203 209 7900 or email [email protected]



Accredited and regulated by:

Accredited and regulated by:

Care Quality Commission
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