Children’s Mental Health Week 2023 took place from 6-12 February 2023. This year’s theme was Let’s Connect and we encouraged people to make healthy, rewarding, and meaningful connections. 

New figures from Place2Be reveal that nearly 78% of young people seen by a Place2Be counsellor within the last year, have experienced anxiety in social situations. 

Being specialists in Eating Disorders, Mental health is a big deal for us and this Childrens Mental Health Week at Ellern Mede, not only did we listen to our young patients to see how they wanted to celebrate this Week, but we also kept the parents and families in mind. Across our hospitals members of staff could be seen dressed in bright colours to bring awareness to the cause. Patients based in Ellern Mede Derby created a tree of life during the week, with leaves that had inspiring words and quotes written on them. Our Hospital Managers in Ellern Mede Derby and Ellern Mede Moorgate sent out care packages to the parents and carers of the patients, along with post cards with a personalised message and an inspiring quote.  

Throughout our patients stay here at Ellern Mede we do everything we can to not only support the patient’s mental health through therapy sessions, but also support the families and carers of the patient through family therapy sessions, we do everything we can to encourage both patients and families engage in our therapy sessions as part of our personalised treatment programme. Listening and starting a conversation encourages children to express their feelings, including the joy that comes with feeling connected to others.