Ofsted inspected Ellern Mede School in December 2021 and we are pleased to announce that rated its education ‘Good’. Here is an extract of the report, which was published 1 February 2022.

“Staff take great care in considering the mental health and medical needs of pupils while planning their curriculum. Pupils who spoke to inspectors said how much they enjoyed school. They spoke of how school was a welcome break from the pressures that being in hospital brings.

“Relationships with staff and pupils are good. When pupils are well enough to access the school, they have good attitudes to learning. Pupils’ behaviour is good. Those who spoke to inspectors were polite, articulate and friendly.

“Staff make every effort to make the curriculum accessible for these pupils. Each pupil has a very bespoke curriculum which takes into account their particular needs and how those needs change from day to day.

“Teachers give great thought to making the curriculum accessible for pupils. For example, lessons are generally taught on a one to one basis and resources are specifically chosen for the pupil being taught. Teachers are very good at checking pupils’ understanding. They also check any gaps in learning that may occur when medical intervention prevents learning from taking place. Pupils’ outcomes in national examinations are strong and pupils achieve well over time.

“Leaders are aware of how important the personal, social and relationships education is. Teachers weave this element of the curriculum this element of the curriculum through other subjects as well as through other subjects as well as teaching discrete lessons for some pupils. The close work completed with other professionals enables pupils’ personal development to be central to their overall development.

“There is a small library area in the corner of one of the classrooms. Pupils are encouraged to read. Teachers try to resource books that will engage pupils and that will extend their interests and knowledge. All pupils have access to remote education should the COVID-19 pandemic or their own needs mean they cannot access the school rooms. Leaders have ensured this accessibility now and throughout the pandemic.

“Staff feel well supported. They consider that training is effective, and that professional development is freely available.”

To read the report on the Ofsted website click here.