If you are a therapy or health and social care graduate, have you considered receiving specialist direction for a career in treating young patients who are working to recover from eating disorders?

You may have chosen a professional therapy career for many reasons, and it is likely you have found this to be a very wide and varied field. As you progress, you may find yourself looking to specialise.

Well, why not consider a career in a specialist area where illness is particularly acute and in need of help – eating disorders. As eating disorders most commonly begin around the time of puberty, this field has a particular need for people who can work in a variety of therapeutic roles or Assistant Psychology roles. This is also an opportunity to work with teenagers and young adults.

Ellern Mede is one of the UK’s most specialist in eating disorders treatments, seeing some of the UK’s most serious of cases. The organisation is growing and is currently looking to recruit psychologists and that includes Clinical Psychologists who either are specialists in eating disorders or wish to become specialists.

Ellern Mede highly rates the Maudsley’s methods and involves the family in its patient programmes. We provide family therapy as part of our MDT approach. Ellern Mede also employs integrative psychotherapy, psychoeducation, art therapy, CBT, DBT, EMDR and motivational enhancement therapy. That is apart from psychiatric and medical interventions.

As an Assistant Psychologist or Therapist with Ellern Mede, you would enjoy flexible working; the support of colleagues both in the psychology team and the wider multidisciplinary team (MDT); working closely with Child and Adolescent Consultant Psychiatrists and Specialist Doctors and a range of other therapists.

Eating Disorders have never been more prolific than in 2021. The NHS admit they cannot cope with the demand for inpatient admissions, nor can their community mental health teams admit all the people who  need outpatient treatment.

The next few years will doubtless see an increase in provision of beds and clinics specialising in this illness. Ellern Mede is a growing organisation consistently bringing more Eating Disorder beds to the UK.

Eating disorders are complex, requiring a range of therapeutic interventions. They also have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, making the case for greater treatment provision urgent.

However, this is also a mental illness that unlike many, is curable. So it is a particularly rewarding field of study for a Specialist Clinical Psychologist.

If you are interested in applying for psychology roles, or any other therapeutic roles with Ellern Mede, please have a look at the Work With Us page on our website: www.ellernmede.org and email careers@ellernmede.org  We have openings now in north London and in Breaston, Derbyshire.