Ellern Mede Moorgate (EMM) has published its first Annual Report which you can read and download from our website. It covers the 2019 to 2020 period.

It includes Care Quality Commission (CQC) feedback through our participation in a Transitional Monitoring Process. The CQC also conducted a Mental Health Act review.

For a newly opened service, our first years include the pandemic which we note increased the demand for the beds available with higher numbers of acutely unwell young people requiring treatment.

Sharon Donaldson, Service Director North Region said: “It is a great testament to the team at Ellern Mede Moorgate that despite these challenges the team have achieved an excellent level of care to several extremely complex cases over the year.”

During the period EMM admitted and treated 16 young people. 9 Young people have received services on Inca Ward, our CAMHS service; 7 young people received services on Aztec Ward, our Young Adult service. 15 of the 16 patients treated in the service were spot purchase placements commissioned by NHS England or local Clinical Commissioning Groups during the period.

7 out of 9 admissions for our CAMHS Ward were transfers from other care settings and referrals to our service were mostly based on the current care setting being unable to meet the needs of the young person or manage symptom behaviours. Only 2 young people were admitted directly from home, both achieving successful discharge during the period.

For our young adult service 100% of admissions were from other care settings. Whilst a small proportion were from other care settings who were struggling to meet identified needs, it is noted that over 85% of admissions to our young adult ward were in response to the young person not being discharge ready but having reached the milestone of their 18th birthday.

Of the 16 young people we have treated, 15 have identified co-morbidities. 50% of our young people have a diagnosis of Autism and all have had Care, Education and Treatment Reviews; their care plans are overseen by our Specialist Autism Lead Nurse; and we provide Speech and Language Therapy to all patients where required.

We aim for all aspects of an inpatient stay to be striving towards supporting the individual to return to a level of functioning that allows them to fulfil their developmental potential whilst promoting a level of connectedness with family and community life outside of the illness and hospital setting.

Over the past 12 months we have been successful in 2 EHCP applications for our school pupils at EMM. There are close links between the school and the Clinical Team. MDT meetings allow us to be part of the whole team which is vital for us in our role as Educators. We continue to make very strong links with parents and with the pupils’ home schools.

Throughout the year the service has engaged parents and young people in thinking about service improvements and obtaining their feedback through events. These events have led to some changes in service delivery for example the group programme initiated by young people led to us creating a sensory room for each ward.