Cecilia, aged 21, was the first adult patient to experience Ellern Mede’s Bulimia Nervosa treatment programme. Read about her six week stay.

“When I first arrived on the new adult ward at Ellern Mede Barnet my life was a mess. Beyond the physical consequences of my bulimia, the impact on my family and livelihood as a whole had brought me to breaking point. I didn’t even know what it could be like to hope for anything else.

“Ellern Mede Barnet’s tailored programme was, in retrospect, a Godsend. It was very painful to have my eating disorder tackled and suppressed, but all of the staff (from nurses to receptionists) were so supportive and helped me to conclude that  my recovery was my first priority.

“This programme isn’t like the other places I’ve been to. Here, I feel like a person more than a patient. Furthermore it is extremely successful at symptom interruption in bulimia.

“It often frustrated me that my eating disorder was unable to manipulate the circumstances around me but I am so grateful.

“If you, or someone you know is experiencing what I was experiencing (severe bulimia nervosa) or something similar, SERIOUSLY consider Ellern Mede’s transition programme between CAMHS and Adult service. Living with an eating disorder is not sustainable, nor is it any fun at all – it’s horrendous. After almost two years in inpatient and day patient treatment I finally feel as though I’ve made a change.”