Hi! It’s Charlotte. I just wanted to let everyone at Ellern Mede know how I am doing and where I am now in my life.

Since I visited you last so much has changed, and I still can’t believe where I am today. I can’t thank you all enough for helping me through the darkest time of my life and helping me to become the person I am today whilst being a part of my journey.

I decided at the beginning of last year that I would like to solo travel the world and start a new chapter in my life where no one knows me and create the life I have always dreamed of. So in October after I turned 18 I took the biggest step of my life so far and boarded a one way flight to America leading onto New Zealand. I have been to places I have always dreamed to visit but never thought would be possible.

I was in New York for 10 days and then I flew over to Los Angeles for 1 week. I had such an amazing time in both of these places and have made so many good friends that I still keep in touch with. From Los Angeles I had my one way flight to New Zealand, which is absolutely amazing.

I have accomplished so much and have even done a skydive!

I am currently sharing a flat with some people I have meet along my travels, I am planning to stay until March and then visit the South Island. I am also currently applying for academies in New York and Los Angeles for performing arts so hopefully I will be back there soon. I never thought I would be able to accomplish any of this but it just goes to show that when you are determined to change for the better and to succeed in life you can go anywhere. Once again I want to thank you for being a part of my journey and helping me be where I am today.