Ellern Mede is committed to equality regardless of race or colour. At this time of protest with the Black Lives Matter movement, we as an organisation wish to share this message.

Equality and diversity cannot simply be about words on a page and policies on a shelf. At a time when the world’s eyes turn to the dangers of prejudice and when people of all nationalities and creeds are protesting with the Black Lives Matter movement, we must be clear where Ellern Mede as an organisation stands.

We at Ellern Mede are incredibly proud to employ a diverse workforce. Discrimination and prejudice will never be tolerated at Ellern Mede, and we stand in solidarity both with our employees and with the Black Lives Matter movement. We will continue to do all we can to denounce all forms of racism, whether committed under the guise of law enforcement or unfairness in institutional practice.

We also support the right of all people in a democratic society to peaceful protest.  Alongside this, it is also appropriate for us to give a strong safety message – that any form of gathering that may make it impossible to maintain safe social distancing at the time of a pandemic is a danger to everyone involved.   Please feel you can express your solidarity with the BLM movement in any way you find appropriate but please do it in a way that does not endanger you, your loved ones, your colleagues and our patients by giving this terrible virus a chance to resurface.​

Our message to our staff, our customers, our patients and their families is this: Please know that Ellern Mede’s senior management team are open to any suggestions to help us make Ellern Mede a more inclusive and understanding environment. These are not empty words; we are committed to anti-racism and to continually improving our own practises. We support you.