A helpful message from inside an Ellern Mede Ward: We are delighted to share with you a very popular and heart warming venture by one of our very talented, lovely young people who surprises us daily with her art and crafts while she experiences therapy at Ellern Mede. She is hand-making crochet rainbows that can become key rings or magnets, with the money going to Mind UK. Many Ellern Mede staff and their families have purchased the rainbows. She is just one person and we wouldn’t want to overwhelm her, but If you as a reader is interested in one, please email info@ellernmede.org

This is a venture that has its heart in the rainbow motif that has come to signify hope and community spirit during the coronavirus pandemic but now as we are in Mental Health Awareness Week, her feelings of wanting to help people are particularly meaningful to share.

She writes:

“The Corona virus pandemic is taking its toll on everyone and now more than ever, people are struggling with the loneliness, anxiety and panic of this national attack. Researchers say that lock down has created a “perfect storm” of misery that may harm people’s mental health for years to come. Polling showed that 20% of people were worried for their mental health, with levels of anxiety particularly high. It may be fear of contracting or loved ones contracting the virus, the isolation, lack of work, not knowing when the virus will be over. However, for those with already existing conditions they are facing extra challenges on top. This could lead to a surge in suicide rates or other self destructive behaviours, which is the last thing anyone needs.

“Demand for mental health services and support are at an all time high with the NHS unable to cope with the high demand and generally, a lack of funding. So quite often, it’s up to charities such as MIND to help meet the demand. MIND is a charity who’s focus is to provide support and information to empower anyone facing a mental health problem, so they can get the support and respect they deserve and don’t have to face the hardships of life alone. At this crucial time, they are working extra hard to provide help for everyone, including front line workers, so everyone has someone to talk to when things get too much, whether it’s feeling trapped, isolated, anxious, alone, or the pain of already pre-existing illnesses.

“This charity means a lot to me, as someone who suffers from multiple mental illnesses I have relied heavily on services to give me life saving support and I feel that everyone should be able to receive help regardless of who they are.

“The rainbow has become a new symbol of hope in the pandemic, serving as a reminder to stay positive and that amid the storm there is beauty and better times to come.”