It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and what Ellern Mede would like to see is an Outpatient Eating Disorders treatment focus. We know that emergency phone calls to eating disorder helplines have gone up by 50% since the UK lockdown began in March.

The theme of this week is ‘kindness’. If you have an eating disorder and you are not being treated, be kind to yourself and seek help now. Although social distancing is essential, there are things we can do to help even now.

Ellern Mede is a leading UK clinic which offers outpatient as well as inpatient treatments for all types of eating disorder. 1.25 million people in the UK are living with an eating disorder in 2020. When you add to that all the people they are close to such as friends and family, that means around 5 million people are affected and struggling to cope with eating disorders. If you or a member of your family or a loved one needs help, please tell us.

Our eating disorder clinics in London can tailor an affordable outpatient programme to get you straight into treatment without disrupting your many other commitments. If this is a problem you have been overlooking, hoping it will go away or that you will ‘grow out of it’, let this Mental Health Awareness Week be the week that you make a positive step and start your recovery journey. Email and we will confidentially contact you and talk over how we can help.

Although Ellern Mede is a private specialist service, due to the nature of an eating disorder, it is very important for your outpatient treatment that we do work closely with your NHS or private GP. As a first step please obtain a GP referral, to ours, or any other specialist eating disorder service, and also ask your GP if they will agree to arrange initial and regular follow up blood tests which can be shared with our specialists.