A UK organisation to prevent suicide has reached a milestone of more than a million supporters: What great news for Mental Health Awareness Week – we have read that 500.000 have signed up for online suicide prevention training during the lockdown.

The Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) works with NHS Trusts and other UK partners. Its aim is to empower people to identify suicidal behaviour and to support those suffering with mental health problems. The surge in numbers is astounding – in the three years from November 2017 to March this year 515,000 people had completed the course. But then after lockdown, between April 27 and May 17, another 545,000 course completions were registered. This shows that the UK public really care to do something about concerns that many people are suffering anxiety and other mental health concerns made worse by isolation from family and friends during the restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus pandemic. See more about ZSA here.