How do you think it feels to a young person when they come to the end of their stay at Ellern Mede and they look to completing their recovery journey at home, at school and with their family? When you as a whole family are at admission, the road ahead probably feels uncertain. Read here, in her own words, how it felt to this young person discharged just after the COVID-19 lockdown began, which meant our usual ‘discharge party’ was not possible and so she expressed her feelings on paper.

“Today is my discharge day. I am not able to say goodbye. I will remember you for rest of your life. I appreciate every one of you, every single thing you did for me.

” I can’t even explain it. I watched everyone being discharged and never believed that this would happen to me. Now I am being discharged – it is because of all of you. You never gave up on me, when I wanted to give up on myself.

“I remember every conversation I had with every one of you. It will help me get through hard times in the future. You are such amazing people. I really think you should see how you are helping people every single day. I was very scared in Ellern Mede before, but I think of it as a very special place. You didn’t leave me alone even when I told you to leave me alone. Not everyone gets that chance that I got to get better.

“I am so grateful. I don’t want any one of you think that I didn’t show enough appreciation for your support.

I can’t say I am cured but I have a light inside me that I didn’t have before. I can bump into you one of these days and think “that person literally saved my life”

“Raja, Easter, Patricia, Steph, Mo, Freya and so many names come to my mind because every one of you is in my heart. At any time in life you feel sad, just remember how you impacted on so many people. You made me believe that there are good people in this world. I am gonna cry now. I am sending this message to you.”