Closely connected with providing therapy and support for young people with eating disorders during the world’s war against the Covid-19 is our patient-led theme, Treasure your Dreams which also came out of our Coping Corona theme. The theme is illustrated here by a 16-year-old outpatient who has helped to develop it and has found it helpful. Perhaps you will too as a guide to being positive and looking for a way through sadness.

TREASURE your dreams

T : Time is precious ; Treasure your dreams ; Talk to loved ones ; Train your brain to
ignore triggering cues
R : Reach out to friends, Rebuild relationships, Reciprocate kind deeds
E : Emotional strength and bonds, Enabling others to be self compassionate;
Equalizer :’ we are all same & in this together’
A : Activity scheduling : yoga, walk in garden, cooking, reading, painting; Altruism :
keeping others safe by staying at home
S : Sunny times will return ….Stress busters, Steps for change , build Self-esteem :
Social ties strengthen immunity
U : Uplifting thoughts through music and mindfulness to counter upsetting times
R : Rediscover your Resilience; Restrict Media news, Remind yourself of your
achievements, Reach out to recovery
E : Empower and Entertain