Ellern Mede’s Outpatient work went live as a Tele-Clinic from 16th March so that we could continue to deliver therapy to patients without compromising essential lock down quarantine measures for the current time while we have this new worldwide virus to deal with.

Dr Kiran Chitale worked with patients in therapy and produced this lovely Mnemonic approach called ‘Coping Corona’. Who knows, you may find it helpful in all walks of life so here it is:

C : Compassion , Connectedness, Creativity , embracing Change
O : Open conversations with family / friends
P : Positive thoughts, Physical & Psychological health
I : Inspire others , Initiate activities with Imagination and build Immune strength
N : Nourish your body and mind with good nutrition , sleep ; Normalize routines
G : Generosity with others who need help

C : Challenge Cognitions of ED & Corona with Confidence and Combat Controlling
thoughts with Calmness and Consistency
O : Opportunities for self-improvement, self-care
R : Responsibility, Respect , Rest
O : Online learning, online socializing
N : New ways of life
A : Acceptance, Adjustment, Agency

Our multi-disciplinary team have been providing psychiatry, psychology, dietetecs and family therapy online for outpatients, for patients on home leave and for inpatient families as well. Young people have found it particularly easy to adapt to online therapies.