Can Pet Therapy help people with an eating disorder? Ellern Mede patients vote yes! Eating Disorders Awareness Week is a good time to tell you that there is so much more for families and patients locked in a battle with this illness than an endless round of meal support and talking therapies.

Ellern Mede Moorgate in Rotherham treated patients to a pet therapy highlight recently. On 22 January, we had an afternoon visit from Therapy Husky, Thunder.

Pictured are Registered Manager, Sharon Donaldson and Clinical Services Manager, James Allum-Rooney who look very pleased to welcome their visitor.

Sometimes the husky family – Stormy, Thunder, Thor and Binny Boo, and their handlers, Adrian and Claire all visit together. Adrian said: “The ‘awesome foursome’ as we call them have literally touched the hearts of hundreds of people living with mental and physical health issues or loneliness.  Research into pet therapy continually shows that specially-trained animals like our dogs can be used therapeutically to benefit all sorts of people suffering from emotional and behavioural disorders.”

“During a visit, our dogs just love the attention; strokes, cuddles, belly rubs…you name it! They are as gentle and as loving as can be!”

Adrian said on his Facebook Page: “Thunder went down really well at the Ellern Mede Eating Disorders Hospital – an amazing place with some extraordinary people. It was an absolute pleasure to sit and chat with people while Thunder gave his special love, cuddles and kisses. Hopefully they will have us back there on a regular basis as the effects were just what they needed and Thunder always delivers.”

Yes Thunder – I’m sure we will!