Enquiries for Eating Disorder help surge in December and January. Each Christmas and New Year season, Ellern Mede receives a surge of 25% to 30% in enquiries from families affected by eating disorder who are looking for help and advice.

This mirrors trends experienced across the health provider sector with some Canadian research showing a link between Seasonal Affective Disorder and eating disorder symptoms during the winter.

Ellern Mede is able to help more children and young adults who are only just discovering that they have an eating disorder at the earliest stages through our private Outpatient Services. We are working with private medical insurance companies such as BUPA and AXA to give greater recognition to the importance of building appropriate insurance cover into their policies for eating disorders, which unlike some mental illnesses, require a range of multidisciplinary professional therapies.

Ellern Mede Outpatient Services works closely with your family GP in helping you to manage and work on eating disorder symptoms, helping you deal effectively with an eating disorder and preventing the condition worsening to the point of needing an inpatient admission. Throughout an Outpatient treatment programme, should you require any crisis care, your GP and your local Accident and Emergency Department is there to support you.

To apply for an Ellern Mede Outpatient Assessment, our Psychiatrist needs to review a report and referral from the GP including full count blood test results. Affordable packages of care are available. If you would like to find out more about our Outpatient Services email outpatients@ellernmede.org or call Melis Simsek, Outpatient Co-ordinator on 0203 209 7900 ext 430.