You don’t need to miss out on education because of ill health. At Ellern Mede, our OFSTED outstanding school service can offer daily, tailored, education as part of the hospital day, even for patients who are expecting a short term treatment plan.

The school service, which is sometimes funded by local authorities and sometimes privately by families, costs £175 a day and is a separate arrangement from the hospital admission. For many of the patients who have spent time at Ellern Mede, it’s one of their most valued experiences and contributes significantly to their recovery as well as to their academic achievements.

If you are talking to our team about an inpatient admission, don’t forget to ask about our educational offer. The school teaches all subjects up to GCSE and A-Level, can support international schools as well and will tailor a specific programme to harmonise with the home school’s curriculum.

When you are talking to our inpatient or outpatient admissions team, please let us know the circumstances around education so that we can make earliest possible arrangements. Our school headmaster is Adel Shirbini. You can see more on the school at