Ellern Mede’s specialist eating disorders dietitian, Oliver Street, has published a superb book of interest to everyone. It’s called The Nutrients of Human City, and is available from Amazon at a price of £9.99.

The Nutrients of Human City takes you on a guided tour of the vitamins, minerals and macro-nutrients that are required in the human diet. Every nutrient is represented as a character with a detailed profile which includes a job description to help you to understand his or her role in the body.

You can use the key sources information to see which nutrients you are recruiting in the food that you eat, and at the back of the book there is a healthy eating guide along with a helpful glossary section to explain unfamiliar words. The Nutrients of Human City is written in an educational and fun way that will appeal to children, young adults and big kids alike.

Managing Director Peter Curtis said: “I am pleased and proud to announce this new book recently been published.  This is an interesting and informative book.”

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