Ellern Mede does not have an email address ‘noreply@’. If you receive an email from noreply@ellernmede.org please delete it immediately, as it has come to our attention that a phishing scam is in progress using this email address.

Ellern Mede will never send an email with a link to any payment site. We do not redirect you to other sites from email communications.

We also never ask you to directly communicate with an Accounts Payable department.

You will recognise legitimate emails from Ellern Mede as all carry a unique disclaimer text which you should be familiar with if you are in regular communication with us.

If you receive any email from any email address ending in ellernmede.org which you are concerned about, please ring our Head Office Reception telephone number, 0203 209 7900 and request investigation to confirm it is genuine.

If you receive any email from ‘noreply@ellernmede.org’ please delete it immediately, without opening it, and then inform our reception desk by telephone at the above number.