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Running a 24 hour hospital means getting all our staff together for a party is difficult, but being a friendly bunch we do our best.

The 2018 festive party held on 26 November at N20 venue, North West London, was a treat that drew 130 of our staff together to build Ellern Mede team spirit. We hold plenty of celebratory events for patients at this time of year as well, where our staff take on the role of waiters and serve patients a traditional Christmas event.

We are all part of a team who get on really well with each other and we are drawn together by a special ethos we never forget – that when it comes to giving patients real hope of recovery through treatment – we don’t give up until after the eating disorder illness does.

Pictured are Chef, Cam Tomas, Clinical Services Manager Ellern Mede Barnet, Steve Cross, and Lead Dietitian, Oliver Street – just a few of the fun pictures taken in the photo booth.

Time out together helps to build that team spirit that enables us as a clinical and service team to support patients and their families when they are finding it hard to cope and to keep going when they’re drained and tired.

Getting 130 staff there meant that many clinical staff, who worked the day shift through to 8 pm, arrived straight from work. It meant that others who were expected back on duty at 7.45 am the next day had to leave early. It also meant that some of our staff had to miss the party because they were working, but we give everyone an opportunity to have team time out once a year. We are a great team and we rely on one another.

We are always looking out for empathetic, generous-spirited and skilled mental health nurses and healthcare assistants. So if you want to join our happy, friendly team, please fill in a website form.