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Ellern Mede supports families because when an eating disorder affects one member of the family it has a ripple effect that challenges every aspect of family life and all family relationships; friend relationships too. We are so often asked ‘how do we deal with this?’ That’s why we want to share with you this excellent BBC-published video. BBC News published this video created by mental health specialist communications agency, Like Minds, and produced by India Rakusen and Tom Heyden.

They ask: How do you react when your best friend has mental health problems? People are not only afraid to say the wrong thing – sometimes they do. Here is both a bad example and a really good example.

The point of this video is to encourage you not to say nothing at all, treat your friend as you have always done, just recognising they’re having a difficult time. There are ways you can start the conversation and be there for someone who’s unwell and this video interviews two friends whose relationship remained strong and supportive and was really helpful.

This video gathers your tips on the best and worst things to say and talking to two friends who helped bring some normality to a world of chaos.