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Today one of our former patients wrote to Dr Hind Al-Khairulla, Medical Director, to thank her and let her know how well she is doing. We asked E who is over 18 if we could share her letter and she said; “Of course you can use it! It would honestly mean the world if my message reached another young person struggling”. So here it is in full with thanks to this fantastic young lady for sharing…

“Hello Doctor Hind,

Would you believe I have been discharged over a year now from Ellern Mede? Time has flown but I am not complaining. This year has been the best year of my life. I cannot even begin to explain how amazing things have been.

Of course I have had little obstacles to overcome but you know what the difference is this time, those obstacles to me are now challenges and I have the necessary tools to deal with them and to not let my illness take complete control of the situation. I still always hold close to me our endless chats on the two red chairs. Your wise words and advice stay with me to this day and I am forever grateful.

I graduated from College on Friday the 18th of May 2018, with 8 distinctions in all modules of my Business course. I cannot express in words how amazing my graduation day was. A day filled with the best people in my life, a day filled with laughter smiles and genuine happiness. I achieved something I never thought my illness would let me. It made realise I am going to fight my damn hardest to never let anorexia take away my life again. My two grannys even managed to get out for the meal that evening. It was quite an emotional day but I do not think I have smiled so much in 24 hours.

I hope you are good and I can imagine the endless cat pictures on your office wall. (There is probably no more space, let’s be real) I have had a change of heart though I am deciding to study science and the goal is to go to university in 2019. I also have many goals this year to raise awareness of mental/physical well-being and I might even speak out in primary/secondary schools to the younger age group to give those hope who may be struggling.

So many things have gone on this year and to name a few, I dyed my hair balayage, I turned 18, I am getting a tattoo this summer, I stayed in my college class even though I turned out to be the only girl! I did a recorded presentation with a class mate, I have attended two Darkness into light (suicide awareness) walks with my dad at 4 am in the morning! (May 2017, May 2018).

I am learning so much about myself and I finally feel I am now finding out WHO I am. Which is exciting. I still attend therapy once a week and I am hoping to get a summer job as college begins in September.

Sending my warmest regards to all of the staff and Ellern Mede. I have attached some pictures from my graduation, you may recognize a few familiar faces and the not so little girl anymore is my niece.

Once again thank you. Thank you for believing in me beyond my illness and for never giving up on me. I was so lost and in a very dark place before I came to Ellern Mede. I felt valued, I felt I had a way out of the darkness and for that again, I am forever grateful. My dreams have and are becoming my reality.”