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Neil West, Deputy Manager for Ellern Mede was has recently returned from an interesting QNIC review at the Dozuk Eylul University inpatient CAMHS Service in Izmir, Turkey.

QNIC was developed from the National Inpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Study (NICAPS) in 2001. The network aims to demonstrate and improve the quality of inpatient child and adolescent psychiatric in-patient care through a system of review against the QNIC service standards.

The service for nine young people with a wide range of diagnoses runs on tiny resources but manages to achieve great results on the strength of the commitment of the small staff team, sometimes running with just two staff for the ward.

The team were extremely hard working and consisted of a consultant psychiatrist and trainee doctors, a psychologist and a few nurses. There were no Health Care Assistants, instead the team relied on one or two nursing students.

The patients and their families were overwhelmingly happy with the care and treatment they received.

For the team Ellern Mede the main lessons were that the commitment of the team compensated for some of the lack of material resource.

Neil said: “It was a real privilege to visit this service and meet the staff teams.  It made me reflect on the Ellern Mede staff team who show the same levels of compassion and commitment to give patients a positive experience”.