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This article from Ben Upton, Science Journalist for ACAM, reviews the research In a qualitative research study by Anne Stewart et al., published in CAMH. The research looks at 37 parents of young people who had self-harmed, were interviewed about their experience of treatment and support.

Fotis Papadopoulos, Systemic and Family Therapist at Ellern Mede Eating Disorder Services commented:  “It is always encouraging to come across studies focusing on the lived experience of those at the receiving end of our services, ensuring their voice entitlement.  Such feedback can only increase the sophistication of our approaches, already informed by evidence-based practice relying on outcomes. This study highlights the importance of family as a resource, in the recovery of young people from mental health challenges, focusing both, on practical (e.g. psycho-education) and relational aspects of recovery”.

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