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A number of the Ellern Mede Clinical Staff Team were pleased to attend The 5th Eating Disorders International Conference (EDIC) at Imperial College London on 28th and 29th March 2018, hosted by the national charity Beat.

Staff who attended were Collette Richardson, Consultant Family Therapist Jessica Ellis, Eating Disorder Nurse, Evelyn Kemah, Social Worker, Oliver Street, Lead Dietician, Dr Antoinette Loroy, Specialist Doctor, Bethany Francois, Assistant Dietician, Ezgi Kilinc, Assistant Psychologist, Despoina Bresnanai, Assistant Psychologist and Dr Emil Neshev, Specialist Doctor.

Rebecca Hill, Marketing & Communication Manager manned the exhibition stand and all staff were on hand to answer questions from visitors wanting to know about our treatment approaches, admission criteria and possible career possibilities. Oliver Street, Lead Dietician at Ellern Mede was invited to present a poster which he produced in association with Sarah Fuller, Specialist Dietician from Bedford CAMHS.

The presentation entitled, Naso-Gastric Tube feeding in Children & Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa – Practice Guidelines, looked at nutrition in AN inpatient settings. What is offered and how it is prescribed and the process in which it is administered.

The poster presentation highlighted the fact that some patients with AN show resistant behaviours and looked at how these are managed in a multidisciplinary team setting and the laws and safe practice surrounding this. Currently, there are no national guidelines on how to effectively manage the delicate balance between restoring nutritional status, fluid requirements, patient and staff safety, and least restrictive practice. The aim of this audit was to identify common current practice for NGT feeding with patients who require physical interventions, and to see if SEDU’s are managing these types of patients differently from other inpatient settings.

Oliver said of the presentation and conference: “Everything we do with the children and young people at Ellern Mede needs to be measured, continually reviewed and adapted depending on need and progress. However we have to make sure the patients are physically fit enough to engage in therapies and that is my remit.

“Each year we are proud to be a part of EDIC and to support Beat where we are delighted to share best practice. It is truly an international conference and there are opportunities to meet fellow eating disorder colleagues from across the globe.