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At Ellern Mede, we fundamentally believe that a mental health condition should not be a barrier for a child to access the learning they need to reach their full potential.

Following our Outstanding Ofsted rating, Ellern Mede School’s Head Teacher, Adel Shirbini and Inclusion Lead, Marianne Marino spoke about how the school develop Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCP) at the Quality Network for Inpatient CAMHS (QNIC) Teachers’ Day in February.

In a joint session, Marianne and Adel outlined the importance that where possible, every patient leaving Ellern Mede School, does so with an EHCP in place. Inclusion Lead, Marianne Marino said; “It is an essential tool for our patients, ensuring that when they return to their mainstream school, there is a detailed plan that teachers, the local authority, carers and pupils can work towards. With the right support, young people are more likely to successfully reintegrate into their schools and communities after being discharged from Ellern Mede.”

Long process

Adel explained the huge amount of work that goes into designing an EHCP. It is a long and complicated process that can take between 4-6 weeks to complete. It relies on the input not just from the young people and their parents or carers, but also takes into account responses from clinicians, teachers, and the local authorities. Our plans are as detailed as possible, and most of our assessments are between 35-45 pages long.

At Ellern Mede School, we’ve so far processed 22 ECHPs, with a 93% success rate. We currently have another five plans in the pipeline.