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Children with eating disorders are too often turned away from services. This is part of a plea to Government in an open letter signed, say the Daily Mail (November 2016), “by every health secretary for the past 20 years.” MP and a former health secretary Alan Johnson (pictured) is among the signatories.

The letter is an outcry about the apparent failure to deliver promptly enough on rhetoric and promises around parity of funding for mental health services generally.

The letter states:

“Despite the warm words, one year on we see the same enduring injustice, the massive economic cost and the distress suffered by countless families across the country.

“Despite promised increases in funding, mental health trusts are still suffering cuts. Suicide remains the biggest killer of men under 45, people in crisis are still routinely shunted across the country in search of a hospital bed, children with eating disorders are too often turned away from services, and there is a growing mental health crisis among young women.

“We are alarmed and dismayed that so many of these points echo those made a year ago when promises of real change were made by David Cameron and George Osborne. We urge their successors to make good the promise of genuine equality.” Read more